Thanks for the quick service and the great contracts. Very impressed.

Lee Anne Bartlett

Who is Platinum Employee Relations

Platinum Employee Relations is a specialised, yet effective, solution for all your Human Resource and Industrial Relations needs.

Our commitment to you is to provide a working model of Human Resources and Industrial Relations tailored to your business.

It can be quite costly for small to medium businesses to keep up to date with the ever changing legislative requirements regarding the many aspects of employment law, occupational health and safety, workcover, collective bargaining and anti discrimination.  Given the changing nature of business, it pays to have someone on board who has the experience and knowledge of the Human Resources and Industrial Relations issues affecting your business.

It is without question that superior Employee Relations practices are key contributions to exceptional financial performance.  Platinum Employee Relations are committed to delivering Employee Relations practices that will be the source of your competitive advantage.

As an accountable and results focused business partner, we believe it is our job to confront the difficult issues, to challenge the inefficiencies, and importantly to be there to assist in managing the risks.

With over 30 years of Human Resource and Industrial Relations experience in public and private sector management, together with experience in the Trade Union movement, has given our staff the unique insight into the varying and changing workplace.

Having had the experience in management and Trade Unions, PlatinumER's staff is able to deal with all issues, and ensure that the outcome is suitable for all parties concerned, and your business is not compromised.

PlatinumER's staff has dealt with a wide range of industries and is able to provide specialist advice in the Public Sector, public and private hospitals, Architecture, Manufacturing, Transport, Hospitality, Retail, Telecommunications, Finance, Airlines and Community based organisations.

With having negotiated many Enterprise Agreements with major corporations in both the state and federal industrial arenas, our high level of conflict resolution skills will ensure a fair and equitable outcome for clients.  PlatinumER demonstrates an understanding of industry issues and developments to allow your business and employees to operate to their full capacity.

With a vast amount of experience in Human Resources and Industrial Relations across the East Coast of Australia, PlatinumER staff have appeared on behalf of clients in the NSW, Queensland and Australian Industrial Relations Commission on a raft of issues, from disputes to wages receoveries to unfair dismissals and award variations and negotiations.