Platinum Employee Relations has really helped me maintain and keep my fantastic team happy and under the correct contracts. Thanks guys

Michael Johns

Platinum - The Difference

With over 30 years of Human Resource and Industrial Relations experience, in public and private sector management, together with experience in the Trade Union movement has given our staff the unique insight into the varying and changing workplace.

Having had that experience in management and Trade Unions PlatinumER's staff is able to deal with all issues and ensure that the outcome is suitable for all parties concerned and your business is not compromised.
PlatinumER's staff has dealt with a wide range of Industries and is able to provide specialist advice in the Public Sector, Public and Private Hospitals, Architecture, Manufacturing, Transport, Hospitality, Retail, Telecommunications, Finance, Airlines and Community based organisations.
With having negotiated many Enterprise Agreements with major corporations in both the state and federal industrial arenas, our high level of conflict resolution skills will ensure a fair and equitable outcome for clients. PlatinumER demonstrates an understanding of industry issues and developments to allow your business and employees to operate to their full capacity.
With a vast amount of experience in Human Resources and Industrial Relations across the East Coast of Australia, PlatinumER Staff has appeared on behalf of clients in the NSW,Queensland and Australian Industrial Relations Commission on a raft of issues, from disputes to wages recoveries to unfair dismissals and award variations and negotiations.
Platinum Employee Relations have successful HR Strategies in Mergers & Acquisitions that address the often neglected human side of M & As by providing a hands-on and strategic framework to assess the link between M&A success and HR strategies and effective initiatives.
We see the HR Role in Mergers & Acquisitions from the following
Human capital aspects of the M&A lifecycle: From strategy to integration
·          The role of Human Resources in due diligence and Day 1 activities
·          Designing, staffing & retaining the new Organisation
·          Surviving the people challenges of a post-merger integration Employee Communications in Mergers & Acquisitions
·          Mergers and Acquisitions are about people after all. How employee communication can strengthen M&A deal
·          When to start communicating. The importance of having a strategic employee communications plan
·          Tools for communications. What works and what doesn’t
·          The challenges of communications including geographic challenges and corporate culture differences The Role of HR in Due Diligence
·          Accelerating M&A value with transaction integration
·          Understanding the role of HR in the transaction integration lifecycle
·          The value of HR due diligence
·          The objectives and approach of the HR due diligence process
·          Partnering with the transaction advisory teams in the due diligence phase M&A - People & Culture considerations
·          The people and culture context within an M&A
·          Addressing the challenges
·          Busting the myths around the M&A with employees
·          Evaluating existing Employment Terms and local legal frameworks